Getting started How Workflow interface works

How Workflow interface works

Dashboard — editorial calendar, main workspace in Workflow.

Ticket — a file card with all the info regarding the publication and participants.

Ideas — a place to keep ideas for future posts.

Staff — full address book including editors, freelancers and experts.

Budget — section to follow expenses and explore analytics.

Help — answers to frequently asked questions.




What is Dashboard?

Dashboard is an editorial calendar. Here one plans posts, works on materials for publication and tracks the effectiveness of previous posts.

A ticket (sort of a file card) is the main element of Dashboard. The ticket date is the suggested deadline, and after publication the date become the published date.


What is Ticket?

Ticket is a file card of your post.

It can be generated from an idea in Ideas or created from Dashboard.

Any Workflow user can create a ticket, however usually it’s the executor or an Editor-in-chief.

Tickets shows the suggested headline, deadline, who’s responsible for the ticket and who else in on the team (incl. freelancers), expenses and status.