Getting started Adding a new user. Access rights for teams

Adding a new user. Access rights for teams

Account registration is required to access Workflow.

Other users are invited by the space Owner:

  1. Go to App Settings in the upper right corner;
  2. In Basic settings go to Teams;
  3. Enter team’s name or click on the chosen team in the list;
  4. Click on invite member and specify email address to send invitation to.
  5. Press on Invite [email] to the team!



The user must follow the link in the confirmation email and fill out the registration form.




When the registration is completed, user can access Workflow.

How do I delete member from team? 

Deleted team member does not have access to Workfkow space anymore.

Go to Settings in the right upper corner, then to Teams. Select Team and person you want to delete from list. Click on a "trash" icon from the right of team member.





Teams’ access to Workflow


Teams – are Workflow user groups with different access rights. There are four teams by default: Guests, Members, Administrators, Owners. Teams can be renamed and deleted. You can create a team consisting of one member and set individual access rights to it.

Inside the chosen team you can set Workflow access rights in “Permissions”. A team can gain limited or full access to:

  • Budget — expense and profitability evaluation;
  • Ticket — working with planned materials in Dashboard;
  • Settings — Workflow and account settings;
  • Salary — monthly payouts and vacation records.




All registered users have access to Ideas, Staff and Help. Space Owners have full access to all Workflow settings, including Salaries and Budget editing.

For example, you can let your editors access Tickets and restrict their permissions to Budget, while setting full access rights to Budget instruments for your analytic team.


Access differences


Limited access — the user can review the sums in tickets and Budget section details. Only monthly budget sum and post expenses (freelancer fees) are visible for user with limited access.

Full access — the user can add / edit monthly budget: post expenses, freelancer fees and salaries of staff members.

No marks — the user does not have access to Budget section, thus, fees and expenses are hidden from him.



Limited access — the user can review tickets in Dashboard, but can not add / edit them.

Full access — can work with tickets in Dashboard and create or edit tickets.

Both options are enabled by default for any team.



Limited access — the user has access to edit Basic settings (Categories, Professions, Tags).

Full access — the user has access to all space settings, incl. Salaries and Billing info (provided that full access is enabled to Salaries)

No marks — no access to Space settings.



Limited access — the user can see each post expenses, incl. staff salary in Budget.

Full access — the user has access rights to Salaries in space settings, can edit and add salaries for staff members.

No marks — the user does not have access to edit Salaries and doesn’t see the staff salary information in Budget.



To set Full access one has to enable both options — Limited access and Full access.