Ticket and post

How to create post from ticket? (works with API integration)

If integrated via API, a ticket can be turned into a post in your CMS: click on a ticket and press create post. Your CMS will automatically create a post draft taking the following info from your ticket: headline, category.



When the post is created, you can paste a view post url and edit post your in the ticket Settings.

Why one has to create post from ticket?

  1. It's convenient because prevents you from creating duplicates.
  2. All participants can see a link to a post and can quickly open it.
  3. Ticket is linked to your post and reflects an actual publishing date in the Dashboard.

Post view statistics will be available in ticket five minutes after post was published.


Will ticket show the actual publishing time?

Yes, ticket is linked to your post in CMS, so after the post was published, ticket information updates automatically.


Do I need to change working title to real headline?

Ticket title will be actualized automatically after the post is published.


Do I need to mark post published?

No, ticket status will be changed automatically, the ticket color will turn green (Published) in Dashboard five minutes after the publication happens.

For RSS integration you have to link posts and tickets manually.

When will I see post views?

5 minutes after the post was published.


How is post view info updated?

Every 5 minutes if post was published today.

Once an hour if post was published yesterday.

Once a day if post was published over a week ago.


How to link ticket to post with RSS integration?

Insert an RSS feed URL in settings (Integration — RSS).

To link a ticket to your post, press Publish. You’ll see a list of RSS posts, choose the one you need — the ticket will change its status to “published”.



How to link ticket and video (Youtube integration)? 

Enter App Settings - Integrations - Analytics. Press connect for Youtube, log in your Google / Youtube account, and let Setka Workflow access information from your Youtube channel. 

To link video with your ticket, enter the ticket an press Publish. Paste video url to view post url field and press publish.

15 minutes after the post was published, views data appears in ticket info.