Staff: contact database How to create a new contact?

How to create a new contact?

A staff worker can be invited only by the user who has relevant access rights to Settings. Any Workflow user can add and save a freelancer’s or an expert’s contacts.


Adding an editorial

Click Add editorial in the upper right corner of the section. Then choose a team for them and click Invite member. To send an invitation to a worker specify their contact email and click Enter. An invited user should open the email, follow the link, and create a password. After that they will be registered in Workflow, and their contacts will appear in Staff section.



Adding a freelancer

Go to Freelancers, click Add freelancer and fill the card out. If necessary, you can assign several professions (roles) to a chosen freelancer.




Adding an expert

Go to Experts, click Add expert and enter the required information:




Click Save, and the added contact will appear in Experts section.


Temporary suspension of freelancers

You can temporarily suspend a freelancer — it’s convenient in case you don’t work with them on a regular basis. Use an option button on the right to deactivate a record temporarily. It’s impossible to add a deactivated freelancer to a ticket and hire them. To activate, switch an option button so it’s highlighted green.




Contact categories

Editorial  — a staff worker. They have access to Workflow, are displayed in tickets and recognized in the Salary section.


Freelancer — a freelance worker without access to Workflow who participates in task performance. They appear in Tasks ticket field. It could be a photographer, translator, proofreader etc.

Expert – an opinion leader who can comment or share useful information. They don’t appear in tickets or get wages. Their contacts are just kept in database.