Budget: cost allocation and analysis Budget editing and expense types

Budget editing and expense types

Users who have access to budget editing can change the total budget amount for the month. Click on the pencil icon in the upper right corner to specify your budget.

Budget is comprised of:

  1. Staff — freelancer fees;
  2. Expenses — other editorial costs: equipment rent, taxi, meals, etc.

Expenses per post are considered in budget: every expense belongs to a certain post. For example, in case you rent a photo studio for a month, this sum should be added to Expenses.



Expense types

The first filter will sort expenses by:

Tickets – shows expenses for each published post: fees, extra costs, operational expenses and its ratio to the total monthly expenses, CPM value. From the Salary column you can see which part of a monthly worker’s salary was spent for the post. 

Employees – shows staff expenses. From the Salary column you can learn which part of the staff member’s salary was spent for the post. You can sort expenses by a particular profession (e.g., a photo editor) and see the total amount, including freelancers. For instance, you can find out how much was spent on freelance photographers for the latest month.

Categories – show expenses for each category. You can see post views in each section, total costs and total view counts.  CPM value = total cost of the post / total amount of post views * 1000. Based on these data you can analyze how effectively the budget is allocated and rethink your expenses if necessary.

Expenses – show operational costs. You can analyze how much was spent on taxi, studio rental, etc.