Workflow integration Workflow integration methods

Workflow integration methods

Website integration

Workflow can be integrated with your website via API and RSS.

Analytics (Yandex, Google, Youtube,

If you want to track the number of views and effectively analyse expenses and resources, we recommend adding metrics from Yandex, Google, or another provider.

Youtube integration enables tracking statistics on views.

Enter App Settings - Integrations - Analytics. Press connect for Youtube, log in your Google / Youtube account, and let Setka Workflow access information from your Youtube channel. 

To link video with your ticket, enter the ticket an press Publish. Paste video url to view post url field and press publish.

15 minutes after the post was published, views data appears in ticket info. 




Social networks

Set auto-publishing of a post in several social networks at once via Amplifr.



Integrate Workflow notifications in your Slack channel. Choose an existing channel or create a new one for Workflow notifications. – Analytics for media

For integration with go to Integrations > Onthe.ioСonnect




Connect your accounts following the instructions.

Post analytics update every 30 minutes.



Will tickets be keeping analytics after it was turned off in settings?

No, analytics data will no longer be shown in tickets.