Workflow settings General settings of workspace

General settings of workspace

General settings

To enter settings, press the userpic in the upper right corner and go to App Settings*. These settings can accessed by an Owner or a member of a team possessing the relevant access rights.

*If you don’t see “Settings” in your profile, it means you have insufficient rights.




Space currency and geolocation

In General settings you check whether your space name is correct, set the website URL and choose your currency:


What determines a choice of currency?

If you choose USD — all tickets and Budget will be shown in this currency. You can change currency if needed — everything will be re-calculated based on the current exchange rates.


Integration and payment

Integrations — here you can set integration by API or RSS to connect Workflow to your site. To see the view count and analyse the effectiveness of expenses — we recommend hooking up Yandex Metrics, Google Analytics or any other system in Analytics. Youtube integration enables tracking views of your videos.

Subscription & Billing Info — information regarding your subscription plan. Here you can choose your plan and pay by banking card.