What is a ticket?

Ticket is a file card of your post.

Ticket is an article in progress. It can be generated from an idea in Ideas or created from Dashboard.

Any Workflow user can create a ticket, however usually it’s the executor or an Editor-in-chief.

Tickets shows the suggested headline, deadline, who’s responsible for the ticket and who else in on the team (incl. freelancers), expenses and status.




Colors matching ticket status

Blue — article in progress. Ticket is assigned.

Green — the post has been published.




Filter your tickets

By ticket holder / by all employees

By default the calendar shows all tickets from all workers for the selected timeframe (Week/Month/Custom period) but you can choose an individual worker and check their engrossment;

By category / by all categories

Choose a category to view. Depending on the timeframe (Week/Month/Custom period) you’ll see the categories where there’s a ticket. This helps checking the frequency of posts in respective categories.

By state: published / assigned

This helps to check which posts have recently been published, and which ones are planned.

By tag / by all tags

The “Attention” checkbox will filter all tickets marked with this. It can signify the most important of most problematic posts. Click on a ticket in Dashboard and tick the “Attention” checkbox in the right corner:




Multiple filters can be applied at once: