Ticket — main Workflow element Members and responsibility

Members and responsibility


The creator of the ticket is the person responsible for it. They give out the tasks to the workers, track expenses and set publication date etc.




The responsible user adds all participants into the ticket via Tasks. These workers can be in-house or freelancers.

To add a new member to the ticket, this person has to be registered in the system. Editorial workers are invited by a space owner or an admin, they belong to one of the teams. Freelancers are added via Staff > Freelancers.




Freelancers are active participants in a numerous editorial teams. Ticket can be assigned for a freelance writer, photographer or illustrator with a specified fee.

Freelancers do not have an accounts in Workflow, so you do not pay for them as for other staff workers. Add freelancer’s contact details in Staff if it was not added before.

By the way, if your space currency is Roubles, and you plan to deal with foreign freelancer, set his fee in the currency you’ve agreed on, for example, Euro. After saving ticket changes you will see a fee sum in both currencies – Euro and Roubles, in order to save it for a monthly budget outcomes, which are calculated according to the selected space currency.



Why add all members into ticket?

It is convenient for analytics and expense evaluation – at the end of each month you can see a workload of each team member in Budget, post expenses and also, see what money was spent on.