Ticket — main Workflow element Ticket: editing and viewing

Ticket: editing and viewing

Inside Dashboard a ticket looks like a file card with the main information about it: post title, category, author’s icon and tags.

A window with full information opens on click. You can see all team members working on the tickets, fees of the freelancers, post expenses (eg. printing photos or taxi) and history changelog.

How to edit a ticket?

Click on a ticket in Dashboard and edit any field in the pop-up window:

– title;

– date and publication date;

– category;

– the editor responsible;

– other workers and their fees;

– add or remove a tag;

– add or edit a comment;

– set the “Attention” mark;

– add an expense (e.g. taxi);

– change ticket description;

– delete the ticket


How to copy a ticket?

Copying a ticket is impossible.

How to get a ticket link?

Click on a ticket from a dashboard and copy it’s URL. The ticket link can be opened by any Workflow user.

How can I see the ticket changelog?

Workflow saves action logs for each ticket. Click on Changelog in ticket details to see history of changes for the selected ticket.