Budget: introduction

Budget is created for planning, managing and expense tracking for further assessment of performance.

The section is visible for members with relevant access to Budget.


How is Budget organized?

By default, the post performance is set for a month. You can analyze how much you’ve spent on posts in total or on a specific category, see your expenses on photographs and your extra costs.

Click on arrows to switch between months. Click on the calendar icon to select a certain month. Press export to download budget data for the selected period. Select  .xls or .csv format.

You get access to all budget information (with all salaries and fees data) when a calendar month ends.

If you want to track the number of views and effectively analyse expenses and resources, we recommend adding metrics from Yandex, Google or another provider. Space owner or any user with access to Settings can choose currency for the budget calculation.



Expenses widget

You can see current expenses by status relevant to colors:

Green — tickets with “published” status. You see which amount has been spent on posts creating for the current month;

Blue — tickets with “assigned” status (posts that are yet to be published). You see planned expenses for the current month;

Orange — the rest of the budget. You can see how much money hasn’t been spent yet;

Red — budget overrun.