Task difficulty

Task difficulty may vary because the post preparing may take two days or fifteen minutes. Indicate difficulty levels to measure efficiency of each team member and have more comprehensive and accurate output data for analysis. 

There are three periods you can set values for. Set 15 minutes for quick posts, one hour for medium complexity tasks and one-two days for longread articles.

Each user can flag how much time he has spent for the task. The one who is responsible for a ticket can set task complexity for any Workflow user. If task complexity was not set, it equals the lowest value by default.

Task complexity can be set only for Staff members, since it affects their salaries calculation in Budget.


Why one has to set task difficulty?

The more data you input, the more accurate data you get about your post expenses in Budget. Task difficulty helps to track down the workload of your editorial staff and manage their time efficiently.




How one can set task difficulty?

Check the box from the left for person and select a desired level of difficulty for him / her.