Workflow settings Basic settings

Basic settings

Basic settings can be changed by users with at least Limited access. 

Basic Settings — a set of parameters you use when working with tickets. Manage your category list, change the roles of your staff and their salaries, add tags to tasks.

Categories — one can create new categories or edit the existing ones for all you posts and articles: News, Business, Culture, Cinema etc.

Professions — an instrument to manage roles inside your publication. Make a list of such roles and choose a distinctive emoji for each of them.

Tags — coloured labels for additional categorization inside your tickets. Add any number of tags depending on the types of articles in your publication: like “Moscow” or “Saint Petersburg” or “Special Project”.

If you tick ______________2017-08-15___11.31.59.png next to the tags, this ticket will gain a distinctive corner to be more noticeable visually in the calendar.




Teams — managing staff teams and their Workflow access rights. You can add, rename or delete a team here, grant access right to its members (“Permissions” tab), invite new workers (“Invite member” button).

Salaries — a page to keep records of staff salaries. Choose a team member, set a salary and the date when they began working. Fill in the vacation leave dates in Holidays, if needed. You can regain a deleted user in Removed users.





Here you’ll find your API token and documentation on API integration.


To manage RSS, set a URL to the RSS feed in the respected field.


If you want to track the number of views and effectively analyse expenses and resources, we recommend adding metrics from Yandex, Google or another provider.

To track views of your youtube videos, connect your youtube account.


Set auto-publishing of a post in several social networks at once via Amplifr.


Integrate Workflow notifications in your Slack channel. Choose an existing channel or create a new one for Workflow notifications.

For integration with go to Integrations > > Сonnect

Connect your account following the instructions.

For a successful integration you must have an account in each of the aforementioned services.

You can find out more on integration setting in Workflow Integration.